Career Dimensions, LLC
Relocation Assistance


A Relocation Employment Counseling Program

Career Dimensions has designed a self-directed program that provides counseling assistance, workshops, and information relative to the local job market to those individuals seeking employment in the Corning/Elmira area.  The program requires a full-time commitment from each client and consistent follow-up on all potential employment opportunities.


The primary areas covered in the counseling process include:

·         Assessment of skills, values, and interests

·         Analysis and evaluation of previous experience

·         Educational counseling and career planning

·         Development of a realistic professional objective

·         Resume and cover letter preparation

·         Formal and informational interviewing

·         Networking

·         Formation of a job development plan

·         Ongoing review and analysis of progress

·         Employment offer negotiating

·         Post campaign evaluation and follow-up


Program includes:

·         A weekly phone or one-on-one session for three months; additional sessions as needed for an added three months

·         Daily support on relevant job search issues

·         Use of  employer directories and career books

·         A copy of “The Job Seekers Handbook”

·         Development of a list of appropriate employers; referral to employment openings listed with Career Dimensions

·         Printing of resume and company research assistance


Career Dimensions is not a job placement agency but provides individualized job search services tailored to meet the needs of each client.

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